Welcome to the jungle…

Welcome to the new, exclusive, never-before-seen commentary, insights and opinions from two of the more illuminated, critical and analytical young people this side of 2008 (read: we complain). Let Nicole and Evan take you on a journey through the intricate lives of twenty-nothings in an everything world.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will probably pleasure yourself as we begin an adventure into society, psychology, politics, business and university life in the contemporary age from one of the more misunderstood perspectives in modern times – the young people of this world. Our discussions are far reaching, our conclusions universal and as we delve into a global environment so brimming with hypocrisy, stupidity and hilarity your world will never be the same.

And yes, we do got fun ‘n’ games.

Nicole and Evan


2 responses to “Welcome to the jungle…

  1. Poppin’ your blog’s comment cherry! Hopefully this means you’ll spend more time complaining here, and less time whinging to me.
    I await with baited breath…

  2. Stuvac makes people do bad things. This blog is one of them. Ahhh I kid – you won me over with the tiny smiley on the right side of the page.

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